Ghost Machine

Project title: GHOST MACHINE
Date: December 2012
Authors Magda Tyżlik-Carver and Andrew Prior

Publication Title: Local Colour: Ghosts, Variations
Contributors: Derek Beaulieu | Steve Giasson | Cia Rinne | Peder Alexis Olsson | Jörgen Gassilewski | Craig Dworkin | Elisabeth Tonnard | Martin Glaz Serup | Eric Zboya | Ola Ståhl | Pär Thörn | Carl Lindh | Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim | Ola Lindefelt | Andreas Kurtsson | Helen White | Gary Barwin | Magda Tyzlik-Carver and Andy Prior.

Editors: Ola Ståhl, Carl Lindh & Derek Beaulieu
Malmö: Publication Studio Malmö / In Edit Mode Press, 2012

ISBN: 978-91-977853-4-1

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Ghost Machine is a collaboration between Magda Tyżlik-Carver and sound artist Andrew Prior. Commissioned by In Edit Mode Press for their publication Local Colour: Ghosts Variations. Ghost Machine is both a remix of a remix and an interdisciplinary experiment undertaken through practices of a curator and sound artist. Result of this collaboration is a MaxMSP application, an accompanying manual and text, as well as an audio-visual recording made with the Ghost Machine software.

Local Colour<; ghosts, variations takes as its point of departure, Paul Auster’s novella Ghosts and, in particular, Derek Beaulieu’s reworking of Auster’s text, Local Colour, in which the entirety of Auster’s text has been removed, leaving only the chromatic words spread across the otherwise blank pages as coloured rectangles. Local Colour; Ghosts, variations picks up on the way in which Beaulieu’s piece seems to split Auster’s narrative text open by rendering it purely graphical, freeing it up, by the same gesture, to an excess and a bifurcation of meaning. Seeking to extend and amplify this ambition, the collection invites other writers, poets, musicians, and artists to implement procedures and process that allow them to do Beaulieu what Beaulieu did to Auster; that is, to split his colour rectangles open and see what can be done with what is revealed.